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The prevailing conditions of Coronavirus have left football lovers and punters looking for some betting action. We hope things will certainly get better at some point in time, but for now we have to find alternative betting markets and options. In such an environment, virtual sports betting and casino games are an option to consider. Jika Sports is such a virtual game in South Africa that brings thrills amidst these restrictions. With games coming in every 6 minutes, there is plenty of action to be consumed in the whole day. The game is registered with the Western Cape Gambling and Racing board and powered by Kiron, providing legit gaming services to punters out there at several South African bookies. Let’s find out more about how it works and where to play.

How does Jika Sports work?

Jika Sports is purely a football animation virtual sports game involving the popular football names in the English Premier League. Just like the actual league, there are also 20 teams in the Jika Sports league, with punters having options to place bets on matches starting every 6 minutes. The game itself is very fast-paced and will be completed in no more than 2 minutes, giving players approximately 4 minutes for placing their bets.

Before the matches start, a snapshot of the odds of major markets such as 1×2, Overs and Under is displayed on the match screen. More detailed markets and odds are available at the bottom part of the Sika Sports section, from which the punter can select their desired options. The league standings are also displayed on the right-hand side of the play screen. During the match, there is a selected match that is screened with accompanying commentary that oscillates together with the flow of the game itself. From time to time, you may see some spectacular goal action or goalkeeper saves alike. The results of all games are then displayed at the end of all fixtures, together with the updated league table. But what sort of bets can one place in Jika Sports?

Betting options on Jika Sports

The existing betting options of Jika Sports are pretty much like those on offer in the real game, so rest assured similar betting fun is guaranteed. Care must be taken when placing bets, however – as this is a virtual game, there is less predictability of the outcome of results even from the teams which are considered as favourites. It is highly advised to keep stakes sensible. The options available include the following:

  • Match result
  • Asian Handicaps and totals
  • Overs and Under bets (1.5/2.5)
  • Goal/No Goal
  • Match specials

The betting options are equally competitive with your normal bets for the normal soccer game. The only thing that Jika Sports falls short of in terms of betting options is the provision to bet on long term outcomes such as ultimate winner or a certain position in the league. In terms of placing bets, punters have options of placing a single bet or multi bets with various permutations. In the case of the latter, there are of course limitations applicable to the minimum and maximum stake that one can place. The minimum allowable bet in the case of a single bet is R1. So where can one play Jika Sports?

Placing bets

Once the desired market at the available odds has been selected, they become available on the bet slip available on the right side of the screen when using a P.C, and accessible from the top section of the screen. The desired stake is then selected and the bet confirmed. A history of all bets placed is available in the “My Bets” tab. 

Where to play Jika Sports in South Africa

Jika Sports can be accessed presently by making use of two of South Africa’s biggest sports bookies – Hollywoodbets and Betway. To access the Jika sports tab, one must simply log into their sports booking account and select the Jika Sports tab. Their funds in the main bookie account are immediately available for use when playing Jika sports, and therefore there would be no need for any transfer of funds. We certainly hope to see more of Jika Sports presence on other local bookie platforms as well.

Winning Chances

Whilst most punters would intend to make a win with every bet placed, it would be worthwhile to note that since Jika Sports is a virtual soccer sports game, the outcome is not as predictable as is with real-life soccer fixtures. One may even notice some big teams in unfamiliar positions on the league table. It is therefore recommended to manage stakes sensibly and only bet a fraction of one’s bankroll. In no circumstances should one place a lump bet, but rather stick to small stakes and enjoy the action.

Virtual Sports are exciting

Jika Sports offers a very exciting virtual soccer game with the action coming in thick and fast every 6 minutes. The game is built around the English Premier League, with a similar number of teams in the league, and therefore fixtures. The betting options are very much wide, just as is with real-life football matches – this should surely provide some exciting fun. As Jika Sports is a virtual game, there is an enhanced amount of unpredictability, and it is highly recommended to stake sensibly. For punters who prefer fast-paced action with a few extra funds in placing small wagers, this is the recommended game.

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