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Sportingbet have several new live games available to South African punters. We’re going to have a closer look at each of the available games, as well as explaining how they work.

Sportingbet Live Games Roulette

Roulette ranks high amongst the favourite games in both online and brick and mortar casinos. Roulette is a game loved for its simplicity and gameplay thrill! The game involves the player placing bets on the final position of a ball spun inside a wheel. The wheel contains red and black compartments numbered from 0 to 36 for the European Roulette type, and 0 to 36 plus double 0 for American Roulette type. There is a table with similar numbers and colouring patterns on which the bets are placed.  The player puts money on Inside Bets on the numbers, and their combinations, or outside Bets such as the colour, odds or evens. Check out games.

Sportingbet offers casino players the chance to enjoy such a thrill through its offering of 5 options of international live roulette games: Dragonara Roulette, Resorts Atlantic Roulette, Hippodrome Casino Roulette, Grand Casino Roulette, and Casino Malta Roulette. The concept is the same in all roulette games, with variations in the numbers and payouts.

Dragonara Roulette

This is the European variant of roulette with wheel numbers 0 to 36.  The game is based on a streamed live land-based Dragonara Casino in Malta with real-life players. The player can place stakes from R10 to R20, 000 depending on the type of bets selected as shown below. There is also a race track for placing special bets, which we find to be an exciting feature which enables the fast placement of bets.


Resorts Atlantic City Roulette

This is an American variant of Roulette, and therefore has wheel numbers 0 to 36 Plus a double 0. The player can place various stakes ranging between R10 to R20,000 depending on the type of bets selected. The table below illustrates the pay-out odds and maximum allowable bets. A race track is also available to place neighbouring bets only as no special bets are available. The game involves a live dealer and all players are online.


Grand Casino Roulette

This type of casino roulette is also a European variant with numbers 0 to 36. The game offers similar stake options with other European style casinos found on Sportingbet live games. A racetrack is available for making quick special bets.


Casino Malta Roulette

Again, this is a European roulette variation with only a single zero and numbers 0 to 36. The stakes can be varied from R10, to a maximum of R20, 000 depending on the type of bet. The game also includes a Live Dealer, and all other players place bets online.

Hippodrome Casino Roulette

This is another European variant with a single zero and is based on a live match from the Hippodrome Casino in London. Varying stakes from R10 to a maximum of R20, 000 can be placed depending on the bet chosen. The winning odds are similar to other single zero casinos. We also like that there is a racetrack to place special bets, and provision to save bets which speeds up the betting process during these live casinos.

Remember all of the above games are available via Sportingbet Live games. If you’d like to visit Sportingbet to play any of the games listed above then to visit Sportingbet. Otherwise here is a comprehensive Sportingbet review for those interested in signing up.

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