Hollywoodbets Mobile Site Review

Hollywoodbets are one of the first betting providers in South Africa. They are still having betting shops all over the country and they became famous as a sports and horse racing provider. Even though they are still an old school bookmaker, which you can see when you enter their website, they are also working on attracting modern customers, so their is now optimized for mobile. In this article, we will review their mobile website.

Hollywoodbets Mobile

Hollywood Bets didn’t build an app for their mobile version of the website. Instead, they adapted the desktop version, and we can say they did that superbly. When you enter the mobile version of the site, you will see Hollywoodbets Mobile Login right at the top, so no scrolling down like you need to do at some of the other sites. Below that, you will see the bet search field, which is unique to Hollywood Bets mobile website. You can enter a team or horse name, competition or even sport and you will see all results related to that search, which saves you the time you would spend by navigating through menus.

Navigating the Mobile site

But, that doesn’t mean that navigating through Hollywoodbets Mobile website is hard. On the contrary, it is easier than in a lot of other mobile betting websites and apps. Right below the bet search, you can see the menu with today’s top soccer games, lucky numbers, and next horse races, so the focus of Hollywood Bets Mobile is really clear. Below that, you will see other menus, such as Predict and Win, Betgames Africa, Same Match Betbuilder, Soccer, Horse Racing, etc.

Those menus are sorted by popularity, so it is an interesting twist compared to other websites, where you usually have all betting markets on one and all gambling markets on the other side. It is all combined, and Hollywood Bets Mobile attracts both bettors and gamblers this way. Some people won’t like it, but we believe that is an interesting idea that works. At the bottom, you can see info about your account, promotions, links to weekly soccer podcasts and you can get an app for basic feature phones, or view the desktop website if you like it more. Bet Slip is always visible at the bottom, so you can always check your selections.

Hollywoodbets Mobile Betgames

In a recent change Hollywoodbets have completely overhauled their mobile Betgames offering. They’ve added 7 new Betgames which brings the total you can play at Hollywoodbet to 9. That’s right, there are 9 Betgames now available! They’ve also made a big improvement by removing the need to trnasfer money from your Hollywoodbets wallet to your Betgames one. With the new Betgames you can now bet from your Hollywoodbets wallet without having to transfer money. Awesome! You can read all about the Hollywoodbets Betgames on Best Sports Betting.

Our thoughts on the Mobile site

Hollywoodbets Mobile website might look dated, but it works like a charm and when you get used to it, you won’t switch back to “modern” style ever again. We’d also like to add that Hollywoodbets are constantly updating and changing their mobile offering. Their most recent addition was the new Betgames, which is a huge improvement over the previous Betgames they had on offer. We’re more than happy to keep using the mobile site, as long as Hollywoodbets keep improving it! If you’d like to know more about Sports or Online betting in South Africa then head over to the Betgamesonline homepage.

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