Betway R25 Welcome Offer Free Bet Guide

Betway have a brand new R25 welcome free bet offer for customers who register with Betway South Africa, running for a limited time only. Punters who open an account with Betway will receive an R25 Free Bet to use on 1000’s of different sports across Betway. Your winnings will also count as cash which you can use to play Betgames, Live Games or even just withdraw. You don’t need to make a deposit in order to claim the offer, we run through the details below.

How to claim your Betway Free Bet

  • Visit the Betway website from your mobile or desktop
  • Register an account by following a quick few steps
  • Send in your FICA documents
  • Claim your R25 Betway bonus once everything is in order
  • Bet on 1000s of sports and check out features like Betgames, Dice and more
  • Offer is only valid for new Betway customers
  • You’ll need to make a deposit if you want to withdraw the free bet winnings

More about the Betway Bonus

If you’d like to know more about Betway then have a look at this review from Best Sports Betting. There are also several other Betway reviews on the net. We love this new offer from Betway as it will give punters a chance to play around on the site before making their first deposit. It also gives a much higher amount than the previous Betway R10 offer, which we’re sure that punters will appreciate.

Betway R25 Free Bet Terms

We’ve listed the most important Betway terms for the free bet promotion below. If you’d like to view all the terms and conditions around this promotion please visit Betway for more.

    1. These terms and conditions govern your participation in “The Betway R25 Welcome Offer” offered by Betway. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you are not permitted to participate in this promotion.
    2. The Betway Welcome Offer gives customers a Sign Up Bet of R25.
    3. In order to participate, the customer must be over the age of 18.
    4. The offer is only valid for new Betway customers
    5. The R25 Sign Up Bet can only be claimed once per new customer
    6. The customer must pass FICA verification through Betway’s automatic verification tool at the time of registration. Should the automatic verification fail, Betway will request FICA documents and only once the customer’s FICA documentation has been verified will the R25 Sign Up Bet be awarded to the customer.
    7. Qualification of the Sign Up Bet is entirely at the discretion of Betway.
    8. Standard terms and conditions apply.
    9. The Sign Up Bet doesn’t have any hidden requirements. Customers who place bets using their Sign Up Bet will receive any and all winnings (minus the initial Sign Up Bet stake) and that amount will reflect in their cash balance – ready for another bet or to be withdrawn upon meeting withdrawal requirements.
    10. These terms and conditions govern your participation in any “Sign Up Bet” promotions offered by Betway. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you are not permitted to participate in such promotions and you should not accept any Sign Up Bet offered by us.


    1. Betway Account: This is the account that you registered with Betway.
    2. The R25 Sign Up Bet can only be used to place wagers on sports events, and cannot be transferred, substituted or exchanged. Any available Sign Up Bet balance cannot be withdrawn.
    3. Any winnings from the R25 Sign Up Bet cannot be withdrawn until a customer has made a minimum deposit of R25 and wagered the deposit of R25 in full.
    4. Betway’s general Terms and Conditions shall apply to all interactions with Betway, and must be read in conjunction with all other terms and conditions relating to promotions. In the event of a conflict between these Sign Up Bet Terms and Conditions and Betway’s general Terms and Conditions, Betway’s general Terms and Conditions shall prevail.
    5. A Sign Up Bet is available for a maximum of 180 days from the date that the Sign Up Bet was credited to your Betway Account. If not used, your Sign Up Bet will automatically expire after 180 days and will be removed from your Betway Account (unless specified otherwise in specific promotional terms).
    6. Your Sign Up Bet must be used in its entirety as a single bet. This single bet can include single selections or multiple selections in one bet.
    7. Should the Sign Up Bet be placed on a selection that is later voided, the original Sign Up Bet wagered amount will be returned to your Betway Account.
    8. The Sign Up Bet is non-refundable and the wagered amount is not included in any winnings. Only the winnings will be paid to your Betway Account.
    9. Example: If you wager R25 using your Sign Up Bet, with odds of 4.0, the potential return would be R100, since the R25 wagered is a Sign Up Bet credited to your Betway Account, only the winnings of R75 will be added to your Betway Account.
    10. The maximum return on any Sign Up Bet is R5,000.00
    11. If you make a withdrawal, any Sign Up Bet balance you have available will be forfeited.
    12. Before any withdrawals are processed, your play will be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns. Using a combination of bets which include both the Sign Up Bet and Cash on the same event to place equal, zero or low margin or hedge bets, shall all be considered irregular gaming for Sign Up Bet requirement purposes. In the interests of fair gaming, should Betway deem that irregular game play has occurred, we reserve the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings.
    13. Every Betway customer participating in the promotion shall be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the rules by virtue of their participation.
    14. Suspicious and/or fraudulent activity will be reported to the Financial Intelligence Centre for criminal investigation/s to proceed.
    15. Withdrawals cannot be made from the Sign Up Bet balance, but the Sign Up Bet balance can be used to place wagers.
    16. This offer is only available to accounts opened after 17/02/2020
    17. Players who registered prior to17/02/2020 will be bound to the preceding Welcome Offer terms and conditions.
    18. Betway reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time and without cause or notice.
    19. Betway reserves the right to change any of its terms and conditions at any time and without cause or notice.

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