Betgames War of Bets

Betgames War of bets is one of the simplest card games involving two players, the Player and the Dealer. The objective is to have the highest card after the card draw process has been completed. The first card to be drawn always belongs to the Player, and the second card is for the Dealer. We’re going to have a closer look at the game and how it to play it in our War of Bets overview.

betgames war of bets

How to Play Betgames War of Bets

The game involves two players, the Player and the Dealer. The cards are drawn from a standard 52 card deck in two stages which are also associated with two rounds of betting. The first drawn card always belongs to the Player. The first round of bets allows for the pacing of bets about 10 seconds before the first card (for the Player) is drawn. The second round of betting occurs after the Player’s card has been drawn. The Dealer’s card is then drawn. The party with the card of the highest value wins the bet, whilst a War is the result of same value cards for both parties. The card value is determined according to the following criteria:

  • An ace has the highest value.
  • A deuce card has the lowest value.

War of Bets Markets & Odds

There is a total of 25 different markets available for placing bets in this game. The main markets are a choice between the Player and the Dealer winning, or a War (Tie). The odds for either player or Dealer Win are almost always the same when placing the first set of bets before the Players card is drawn. There is also an option to select colour markets for either player or dealer’s drawn card to be black or red, suits markets for certain type of suits to be drawn and Value bets where the bet is on certain value cards to be drawn.

War of Bets Tips

We think the main bet of Either Player or Dealer Win may be popular because of the odds involved in the first round of betting. Second round betting markets may also be popular when game odds have been updated.

Overall thoughts

War of Bets is a very simple and easy to learn game of cards. In fact, it is reckoned to be the simplest cards game ever. As such, any player can easily learn and enjoy this game. The game is also very fast to play through as compared to other games. If one is up for a simple, yet fast moving game with associated fun, then we would recommend this game.

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