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Hollywoodbets are one of the bookies that have traditionally provided South African punters with . The games have proved to be a hit due to their simplicity and fast pace of play. Popular games like Lucky 5, Lucky 7, Bet on Poker and many others quickly come into mind. They have once again come up with a new offering in the form of Betgames Speedy 7, which is a new game that has been recently launched. In this article, we take a look at this new game offering from Betgames.

How to play Betgames Speedy 7

Betgames Speedy 7 is a live dealer game that simply involves the correct prediction of the colour of a card after a dealing process. During the play of the game, the dealer issues a total of 7 cards, one at a time until the total has been issued out. The player is allowed to place bets during the 13 seconds in between card draws – there is only a binary choice of options, either black or red colour. This makes the game very simple to understand and play as well. Once the 13 seconds lapse, a new card is dealt with until a total of 7 is achieved.

After each card drawing process, there is an option to cash out any winnings or to re-bet these winnings before the next draw process. The good news is that for restacked winnings, Speedy 7 pays out extra bonuses if punters go all the way to correctly predicting four or seven cards. As the game is very fast-paced and played 24hrs, players can place bets on up to 720 + games played each day.

Betgames Speedy 7 Betting

There is only a choice of placing bets on either black or red card colour. The odds of either black or red vary as they depend on the outcome of the previous draw until all seven cards have been exhausted. Stakes can be selected in multiples of R1, R3, R5 or R10, and these stake options are available on the play screen. The minimum amount required for placing bets is R1.

Bonuses and Streaks

The 4-card streak Bonus. Bonus for a lucky streak of four betting rounds can be won by players who have correctly guessed four cards in a row in the same draw without using taking cash out option, the player will receive a Bonus on the initial stake regardless of the subsequent outcome of player’s game.

The 7-card streak Bonus. Bonus for a lucky streak of seven betting rounds can be won by players who started playing from the first betting round and have guessed all cards correctly without using taking cash out option. Bonus will be paid out as an additional winning calculated by fixed odds multiplied by the stake of player’s initial bet.

Speedy 7 Conclusions

Punters who prefer fast-paced games with a great deal of simplicity will no doubt fall in love with this game. Despite the lack of side bets as is common with other Betgames games, the fast pace of game play indeed adds thrill to the mix. We do not expect punters to take any much time learning this game.

If you’d like to know more about the different Betgames available to South African’s then visit the Betgames Online homepage, where you’ll find extensive coverage of all Betgames.

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