Betgames Dice

Betgames Dice is now available to South African punters who bet with Betway. We’re going to tell you more about Betgames Dice and how it works below.

Betgames Dice and Dice Duel

Betway betgames offer two dice game variants. The first, Dice Duel is a simple game that has the host roll two dice, one blue and one red. Players are required to predict which die will have the highest face value or if they two dice will have the same face value. The second variant is Dice and features the host rolling a set of five red dice. This dice-game variant offers a wide range of betting options.

Dice betting options

  • Combinations – predict which predefined set of combinations will appear following a roll. Combination bets on offer include predicting that there will be at least one pair of the same face value or if all face values will be different.
  • Total Sum – predict whether the combined total of each of the five face values will be more or less than a predefined total. For example betting that the combined total value will be less than 17.5.
  • Odd/Even – predict the distribution of odd and even numbered face values of a roll. For example, predict whether there will be more dice with odd face values than even.

New Dice Duel and Dice rolls occur every three minutes.

If you’d like to try the new dice game with Betway then click here to head over to the game right now!

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