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Bet on Poker is a card game offered by Betgames with similarity to Hold Texas Hold’em Poker in terms of rules and gameplay. It involves the drawing of cards, with the ultimate mission of ending up with the best 5 possible card combinations after the completion of all the card draws. We’re going to have a closer look at the game and it’s markets in our Betgames Bet on Poker overview.

betgames bet on poker

How to Play Betgames Bet on Poker

The game consists of 6 different Positions (Hands) numbered from 1 to 6. The Dealer draws 12 cards to each of the 6 Positions, one at a time, from a deck of 52 cards. In addition, 5 community (Board) cards are also drawn after the initial draw of the first 12 cards. In order to win, it is essential to make the 5 best combinations of cards using the cards in each hand, together with the community cards after all required cards have been drawn. Should there be more than one of the Hands with the best card combinations, the game is considered to be a draw.

Each game consists of 4 rounds of betting. The bets in the first round are placed before the draw of the first cards. After the first card draw, it is now possible to place the second round of bets whose odds would have been updated based on the results of the first draw. The third round of bets can be placed after the first 3 community cards have been drawn – this is referred to as the Flop. The final round of bets is placed after the fourth community card draw (The Turn). After this, the final community card is drawn, and is referred to as The River.


There is a total of 16 markets offered to place bets in this game. These include the win of any of Hands 1 to Hand 6, with similar odds before the first draw of 12 cards. The odds will be subsequently adjusted in the next rounds of betting in consideration of the previous round outcome. Other remaining 10 markets include various combinations such as High Card Wins, One Pair Wins, Two Pair wins and others.

Betgames Poker Tips

We think punters bigger bets should be placed in the later rounds of betting when the general trajectory of the game is visible enough.

Bet on Poker Thoughts

The Bet on Poker game, whilst fairly easy to learn, is slightly more challenging to master. It certainly offers more fun compared to other simpler Betgames offerings such as Baccarat and War of Bets. We like the fact that there is no limitation of the number of bets that can be placed. The pace is much faster than a real-life poker game in a casino, so one can be able to place a number of bets in a short space of time. This game would truly suit those preferring slightly challenging games with fast movement on Betgames.

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