Betgames Lucky 6 Tips and Strategies

Betgames Lucky 6 is one of the more popular Betgames available in South Africa. There are 40 different betting markets for Lucky 6 which gives punters not only good betting opportunities, but also more options when formulating a strategy for Lucky 6. In this article we have a look at a popular Lucky 6 strategy that was posted by a punter, Mlungisi, in a Betgames group on Facebook. The strategy is only viable on Betgames Lucky 6. Please approach any betting strategy with caution and bet responsibly.

Betgames Africa: Lucky 6 Strategy

For this strategy we will be betting on the SUM of the numbers of A, B & C zone lucky balls to be UNDER 9,5 @1,72 odds (Stake included)
Most of the time 2 zones goes UNDER 9,5 sometimes all zones, it’s very rare to see all zones OVER 9,5. This strategy relies on under 9.5 being drawn constantly for the majority of the zones, we’ll need to win 2 zones to turn a profit. Always make your bet when the TIME is below 40 seconds to 20 seconds before the draw start. You can find find the zone over and unders betting on Lucky 6 under the colors betting options. Kindly note the odds will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.

The strategy in action

On a single or same Draw you bet all zones UNDER 9,5 and stake R1000 each bet, which means you will need R3000 to start this journey, but it’s fine you can start as little as from R300 to win R144 a day, R1008 a week and R4320 a month.

Odds = 1,72 (stake included)
Stake = R1000
Payout = R1720
Profit = R720
No. of Bet = 3

2 bets to win

The aim here is to win at least 2 BETS…, by successfully win 2 Bets it means you have profited R440 on that draw
Rem: R3000 was divided into 3 times to play 3 bets
Bet 1 (zone A): R1000 X 1,72 = R1720
Bet 2 (zone B): R1000 X 1,72 = R1720
Bet 3 (zone C): R1000 X 1,72 = R1720

Let’s say zone A & B goes UNDER 9,5 and wins while only zone C was drawn OVER 9,5 and lose

In this case you have won 2 bets which is;
R1720 X 2 = R3440 – R3000 (your initial stake on all bets) = R440 is the profit on that DRAW,
So, just play only 2 draws a day to make R880 (R440 X 2 = R880), don’t be greed and want to make thousands you will regret yourself by doing so and remember to withdraw the profit of R880.
If it happens that all zones goes UNDER 9,5 on a same draw, that’s a BONUS, you have profited R720 X 3 = 2160, so in this case, there’s no need to play 2 DRAWS

In conclusion

After all it’s gambling guys so it’s not guaranteed but I have took my time (maybe 4-5 days) to study this Betgames Lucky 6, most of the time 2 zones always UNDER 9,5, You can also check and do your own study before you place any bet. For more Betgames tips and strategies please visit Bet Games Online.

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  1. I was wondering if is there any best strategy on lucky 6 regarding this following bet option ( selected ball in zone A will form a selected number 00,……99) and this is paying R90

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